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In the early modern period, the ḍākinī rite devolved into various spells called Dakini-ten, Atago Gongen.

Those who felt wronged in their village could go to a corrupt yamabushi who practiced black magic, and get him to trap a kitsune and cause it to possess a third party.

In some instances, the terms ḍāka and ḍākinī have been used for practitioners of tantric yoga themselves.

In other instances, just ḍākinī was used for female practitioners, while male practitioners were just known as yogi.

Padmasambhava was known as a yogi and Yeshe Tsogyal, a Tibetan princess, yogini and consort of Padmasambhava, as a ḍākinī. It is an impossibility and a contradiction in terms." Whereas Jan Willis in the chapter Ḑākinī; Some Comments on Its Nature and Meaning points out that "'she' is not 'female'.

As a key tantric figure, the ḍākinī does appear in Tangmi; the ḍākinī figure disseminated into Japanese culture from Shingon Buddhism, evolving into the dakini-ten ("ten" means "deva" in Japanese), becoming linked to the kitsune iconography.

The ḍākinī appears in a Vajrayana formulation of the Buddhist refuge formula known as the Three Roots.

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